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Designer 401k+™

Many small business owners look to their tax advisor to provide proactive tax reduction strategies as well as help them build a retirement and exit strategy for their small business.

We combine the specialized expertise of your CPA, Retirement Actuarial Services, Interlinc Financial Advisors, and Brookstone Capital Management.  
Designer 401k+™ can provide massive tax savings while funding your retirement! 

Why use a Designer 401k+™ Retirement Plan?

Using a collaborative team approach, Designer 401k+™ Retirement Plan offers a powerful solution to successful small business owners by providing the largest tax-deductible contributions allowable by law. Plan contributions can range from $75,000 up to $1,000,000 annually while providing the flexibility to reduce annual contributions to meet company cash flow in down years.  

By combining a type of defined benefit plan known as a cash balance plan, with the portability and flexibility of a defined contribution plan, small business owners can get a massive tax reduction while at the same time building a multimillion-dollar retirement account in a short period of time.

This approach ensures the best customized strategy is implemented for your business.  We design highly efficient combination plans around the small business owner that will maximize his or her qualified plan power, control employee costs, and provide a trifecta in tax efficiency with a Tax-Free Post-Retirement Medical Expense Reimbursement Account. This account can accumulate up to $594,000 - tax free - for post-retirement medical expenses. With the skyrocketing cost of health care, no retirement plan should be without this benefit.

These assets are also creditor protected under ERISA, a needed benefit to the small business owner in today's litigious society.