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If your finances aren't Interlinc'd, what are they?

There's a particular time of life this phrase couldn't be more appropriate - retirement. 

But how can you know whether you've "got it right" for retirement? After all, life can be so upredictable. As you look forward to living the retirement you've always imagined, you may find yourself wondering if you're truly ready. 

You're not alone. Nearly everyone approaching retirement shares some of the same concerns:

  • Have I saved enough?

  • What will happen if there's another stock market downturn?

  • Could changes in politics and policies affect me?

  • How could increased tax reates take a toll on my income?

  • What if I need to into a nursing home?

  • How can I leave a real legacy to my children, grandchildren and community?

  • Is my future secure?

You've done all the hard work to get here, build a career and family, saved and managed your money well. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you take the next steps toward a retirement free from financial stress. 

We'll help you see the big picture.


Steve Meeks, RFC

Financial Advisor, Co-Founder
& President of Interlinc Financial

our pledge

We put our client's interests first and work toward their success.

We act with skill, diligence and care.

We allow our clients to make decisions in their own time, based upon full and fair explanation of all important facts. 

Our Work Philosophy

At Interlinc Financial Advisors, our primary goal is to gain a deep understanding of your financial aspirations. Subsequently, we aim to deliver the utmost quality of information, service, and products to assist you in achieving these objectives. Our commitment to our clients is rooted in the strong professional and personal connections we cultivate. We maintain regular, dependable communication with our clients, with a focus on educating and enlightening them, enabling them to make well-informed decisions for the future. We are dedicated to sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience to help our clients maintain a disciplined approach in pursuing their dreams.

Our Approach

The motivation behind our choice to become financial professionals is profoundly rooted in personal experiences. Witnessing numerous friends and family members grappling with the challenges of planning their financial futures compelled us to take action. With our comprehensive grasp of personal finance and professional training, we are confident in our ability to assist individuals in preparing for what lies ahead. Over the years, we have established a strong reputation for simplifying complex financial concepts, enabling people to readily comprehend personal finance principles and apply them to achieve their financial goals. Our dedication extends to serving and empowering our community.

We Would Love to Connect with You!

One of our key objectives is to cultivate a lasting and trustful partnership with you.